Our Center for the Developing Brain has pioneered new research approaches using what’s called “big data” and “open science” to accelerate discovery by freely sharing our data with researchers across disciplines and around the world.

Our signature community-based research study, the Healthy Brain Network, is currently collecting brain and body scans from 10,000 children — which will be the largest sample ever collected — to seek out the biological markers of mental health and learning disorders.

And we are bringing our science mission to life through educational outreach programs such as the Rising Scientist Scholarships and the On the Shoulders of Giants science symposium. By working together, in innovative collaborations, we believe that we can unlock the secrets of the developing brain and translate discovery into treatments that will transform children’s lives.

Research studies at the Child Mind Institute are overseen by an institutional review board (IRB) provided by Advarra. For more information on our IRB, visit advarra.com.