MHSA Community Members and Stakeholders

The MHSA requires that each county partners with local community members and stakeholders for the purpose of community planning. The Act also requires that individuals representing each of the following stakeholder groups participate in this planning:

  Adults and older adults living with a mental illness

  Family members of children, adults and older adults living with a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance

  Mental health service providers

  Law enforcement agencies

  Education

  Social services agencies

  Veterans

  Representatives from Veteran organizations

  Providers of alcohol and drug services

  Health care organizations

  Other important interests

Orange County has two committees specifically designed to solicit input and feedback on local implementation of the MHSA: the MHSA Steering Committee and the Community Action Advisory Committee.

Orange County MHSA Steering Committee Responsibilities

The Orange County MHSA Steering Committee has helped shape MHSA implementation in Orange County since the very first MHSA Three-Year Plan was developed.

It is composed of stakeholders from each of the above legislated groups and, in most cases, has more than one member representing each group. At the current time, the MHSA Steering Committee seats 57 members and has eight vacancies.

The Steering Committee provides guidance and encourages the Health Care Agency to address new ideas or questions that are brought up throughout the year and is tasked with fulfilling seven responsibilities:

  1. Be fully educated about the status of the MHSA funding availability and requirements, as well as the status of Orange County MHSA program implementation.
  2. Assist the County with identifying challenges to the development and delivery of MHSA-funded serves and make recommendations for strategies to address these challenges.
  3. Remain informed about current stakeholder meetings, and the funding and program recommendations made by members of these groups.
  4. Review all MHSA funding proposals and provide critical feedback to ensure that funding is allocated to services for identified needs and priorities.
  5. Make timely, effective decisions that maximize the amount of funding secured by Orange County that preclude Orange County from losing funding for which it is potentially eligible.
  6. Support the County’s ability to meet both State funding requirements and Orange County funding needs.
  7. Make recommendations regarding future MHSA allocations so funds will be used to provide services for identified needs and priorities.

Source: Orange County MHSA Plan Update FY18-19 Page9-10