​The 3 G's (Guide, Guard, Govern) Presentation

Mealtime Conversations

Research has discovered that one of the most effective strategies parents, grandparents, and other primary care givers have for raising healthy, well-adjusted kids is to frequently eat meals together as a family.


This positive, strength-based approach to parenting focuses on what's right with kids (and parents), and the small, everyday steps you can take to help kids be successful in the future.   Topics include:

  • Discipline & Values
  • Time Together
  • Technology & Media
  • High Risk Behaviors
  • Other Hot Topic

Write a Contract With Your Kids

Because teenagers are more likely to follow guidelines they help create, get together to design rules and consequences that work for you both.  Then consider putting the details in writing to make sure you're on the same page (now and in the future). Use the sample contract as a guide to establish rules about drugs and alcohol.