Prevention Resources – For Parents

​Below are links that offer various resources which provide information, trainings and support for parents who want to raise their children the best that they can but are unsure about how to talk to them about difficult topics such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco and violence.

Parenting Support This page offers a list of resources which provide information, trainings and support for parents who are dealing with a wide range of topics in raising their children. Anywhere from parenting tips and building up your child’s positive qualities to dealing with violence and teen pregnancy.

Drugs and Alcohol Resources This page contains resources that are specific to dealing with the topic of drugs and alcohol. It will help you understand the drugs that are available in your community, where kids are using these drugs, who is at risk, signs of a user and how to protect your child as well as how to talk to them about use and addiction.

Tobacco Resources Tobacco use is still very prevalent and most current smokers started to use tobacco before the age of 18. Therefore it is extremely important to prevent that initial use, this site will provide resources that can help you talk to your child about tobacco, programs to get involved in and tips to help keep your child from smoking as well as help to becoming a good role model for your child and quit using tobacco today, if you need help or resources call 1-866-NEW-LUNG or visit the help in quitting page on the Tobacco Use Prevention Programs Website.

Violence and Bullying Prevention This page helps to provide resources with new information on bullying today as well as a new form of bullying known as cyberbullying. It helps to teach you how to spot if your child is being bullied and programs that you can implement in your child’s school to reduce bullying on their school campus.