Prevention Resources - For Staff

​As teachers and staff at schools there are a number of demands as well as information that is always constantly changing and evolving. To support you as staff in Orange County, OCDE has collected a number of resources that provide information, activities and programs that can be utilized at schools and in classrooms.​

Staff Support This link provides a couple resources on a variety of topics that staff deals with, involving students in their classrooms.  Positive mental health of your students leads to better learning and better grades, learn ways you can promote better health and encourage your students towards positive lifestyles.

Developmental Assets Workshops Research consistently shows that the more assets young people have, the less likely they are to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors and the more likely they are to thrive.  This workshop will introduce the 40 Developmental Assets and explore ways they can be incorporated into programs for youth.  Learn ways that you can immediately start building more assets in young people!  Contact Stacy Deeble-Reynolds​ to schedule a training for your school site.

Drugs and Alcohol Resources Drugs and alcohol negatively affect students learning in the classroom. Students often spend more time at school and with their teachers than they do at home and with their parents. Learn symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse in youth and help prevent it early, before it leads to a full blown addiction and kids suffer in their education or drop out. Also as teachers you have the ability to talk with your student's parents and discuss things they can do at home and with their teens to reduce substance abuse.

Tobacco Resources Many tobacco uses started before the age of 18, learn about new products that tobacco companies are using to get youth addicted and how to incorporate tobacco information into lesson plans. Adults serve as role models for youth.  If students have parents that smoke, or teachers that smoke, help provide them with smoking cessation services and products by calling 1-866-NEW-LUNG.

Violence and Bullying Prevention This page helps to provide resources about violence and bullying to teachers, again students spend most of their time at school and with teachers, so it is important to know the signs of a student who is being bullied. Use these resources to find information on bullying, how to spot the symptoms of a student who is being bullied and programs that can be implemented in your school