Prevention Resources - For Students

Below are links that offer various resources for students to help them deal with problems that they may be facing at school, problems with their friends or problems at home. These links provide them with the tools they need to understand the dangers and negative aspects of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and violence. These links help them to not be influenced by negative peer pressure but to live life the way that they choose.
Student Support This page offers a list of resources which provides information, tips, tools and programs that they can be a part of to deal with the general effects of peer pressure. The website Above the Influence has great videos, facts and downloads. There are also a number of programs in Orange County that students can be a part of to help influence attitudes and behaviors in their communities and schools.
Drugs and Alcohol Resources A majority of students don't want to do drugs, they know it's dangerous and can get them into serious trouble. However every student gets offered drugs or alcohol at some point in Jr. High and High School & if they don't have a plan of how they are going to refuse they might get sucked into trying it. This link offers a list of resources where you and your friends can make a plan of how you are going to stay away from drugs and alcohol.
Tobacco Resources Most Students start using tobacco before the age of 18 and usually get addicted for the rest of their life, sticking them with an expensive addiction and other health problems. Other tobacco products like snuff or electronic cigarettes are methods used by the tobacco company to get you addicted. Learn the truth about tobacco and find out about programs that can help your family and friends to quit smoking.
Violence and Bullying Prevention This link offers resources to help students who might be dealing with violence or bullying and are tired of it happening at their school.  Use these links to find out information about bullying, how to say something when you see it happening and programs you can be a part of.