Orange County's Vision For The Community Correction’s System

Most people living the journey with a loved one generally believe those with Mental Illness belong in treatment not incarceration.

On January 26,2021, the Orange County Board of Supervisors' Agency Staff Report addressed the status of the Community Correction’s System: Integrated Services 2025 Vision Report.

The Orange County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council provides oversight on the implementation of the goals and action items outlined in the report and progress is tracked and reported quarterly.

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Supervisor Do Newsletter 10/22/19 Announces Orange County’s Integrated Services Strategy

   OC Board of Supervisors Approves  Integrated Services Strategy 

Across the dozens of community coffees, I have held this year,ntethe most concerns you have raised are regarding mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness. All three issues intersect with the criminal justice system, which has changed dramatically after the passage of AB 109, and Propositions 47 and 57.

That is why I worked with Supervisor Doug Chaffee and Sheriff Don Barnes to create Orange County’s Integrated Services Strategy, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors today. This action plan is designed to fight crime by matching programs that target criminality, enhanced mental health and substance abuse treatment, stronger connections to social services, and greater accountability. Integrated Services will help divert young people from committing crime, stabilize those who do before they leave our jails, and cut recidivism.

Far too many mentally ill and homeless individuals end up in Orange County’s jails. In fact, 44% of inmates have a diagnosed mental illness or substance abuse issue, and one in five is homeless.

Five percent of offenders – nearly 2000 individuals – return to jail 5 times or more in a given year. Among these high utilizers, 58% are homeless, 85% have a reported substance use disorder, and 46% have reported mental illness. If we release these people without making a serious effort to put them on the right track, then we put public safety at risk.

As your Supervisor, I am working to marshal the County’s resources to tackle these issues more effectively than ever before. With Integrated Services, we are breaking down barriers between County departments in the criminal justice system under the same System of Care approach we are taking as we revamp behavioral health, physical health, housing and benefits, and support services to deliver results for you.


Community Corrections System of Care Status Report Oct-Dec 2019 Final

Vision 2025 Corrections System Of Care  Annual Report July 2019 to June  2020 Update ----BOS Meeting 01 26 21 




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