Governor Newsom Signs $6.6 Billion Package to Support Kids

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Additional funding supports safety measures for in-person instruction and expanded learning opportunities such as summer school, tutoring and mental health services

Legislation codifies state’s 10 percent allotment of vaccine supply dedicated to education workers and school data reporting requirements, boosts funding to State Safe Schools Team

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today signed a $6.6 billion package to accelerate the safe return to in-person instruction across California and empower schools to immediately expand academic, mental health and social-emotional supports, including over the summer. The package was passed by the Legislature with overwhelming, bipartisan support after it was announced earlier this week.

“This package of funding and supports for our schools recognizes that in-person education is essential to meet not only the learning needs, but the mental health and social-emotional needs of our kids – especially the youngest and the most vulnerable,” said Governor Newsom. “The state is committed to creating safe learning environments for students and safe workplaces for educators as we build on months of progress to accelerate the pace of school reopenings across California.”   Read More

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By Stephen McNally

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