The UCLA Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) is a campus-wide initiative aimed at cutting the burden of depression in half by 2050

We are conducting a series of studies which will enable us to:
Identify the genetic, biological, cognitive, social and environmental factors associated with depression②
Implement an innovative and comprehensive treatment strategy
Some of these studies will contribute to an unprecedented 100,000 person genetics study


The Screening and Treatment for Anxiety & Depression (STAND) Program is a mental health service for all registered UCLA students. The STAND Program can be used to quickly screen for symptoms and receive immediate treatment. It was developed by the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge as part of a large research initiative on mental health.

The STAND Program was developed by the UCLA Depression Grand Challenge as part of a large research initiative on mental health. STAND Program assessments inform clinicians and are used to further personalize your experience and treatment during enrollment in a study.