​​​​​​​​​Student Group
Associate Superintendent​
Sr. Executive Assistant

The Community and Student Support Services Division

provides programs and services to students, families, educators, and community members that focus on student engagement, academic achievement, youth development, leadership innovation, external funding and partnerships, and environmental field study.
Our programs prepare students for college and careers by developing 21st century competencies. We provide direct services to over 187,000 students through Inside the Outdoors Environmental Education Programs, and student programs such as Friday Night Live (FNL), Academic Decathlon, Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) and more.
Our multi-faceted approach improves the quality of education and support services that connects community, students, and school districts as we promote the health, safety, and academic enrichment of children throughout the county.  In addition, our Charter Schools Unit supports charter schools authorized by the Orange County Board of Education and we provide administrative support for the Orange County School Boards Association (OCSBA) and Williams Settlement Legislation.