Board of Supervisors Meeting (06/12/18)  Meeting Discusses $70.5 Million MHSA Housing Agenda (Start at 2:20 with Supervisor Do Opening)

Board of Supervisors Meeting: Study Session on Building a System of Care  (04/17/18)      Special Meeting Called to review Homeless Needs (Susan Price) and MHSA Funds for Housing (Richard Sanchez)

Board of Supervisors Meeting (03/27/18)

Board of Supervisors Meeting (03/19/18) Meeting Discusses Judge Carter and Provide Direction to Staff for Housing including using  MHSA Funds for Housing.


Board of Supervisors' Actions/Discussion for Special Needs Housing Program (SNHP)   Funds Approval 6/26/18, 03/13/18. 1/9/18, and 9/13/16.