Older Adults

Healthy Brains for Older Adults

The Cleveland Clinic Has Created a Healthy Brains Website called Healthy Brains.

6 Pillars of Brain Health

Lifestyle has a profound impact on your brain health. What you eat and drink, how much you exercise, how well you sleep, the way you socialize, and how you manage stress are all critically important to your brain health.

Physical Exercise

Food & Nutrition

Medical Health

Sleep & Relaxation

Mental Fitness

Social Interaction

Get A Brain Check-Up

The Cleveland Clinic Brain Check-up is an online self-assessment. It is a customized tool that tests your memory and helps you make lifestyle choices that may reduce the risk for brain disorders.

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are research studies conducted on people to determine if treatments are safe and effective.

Clinical trials are the only way to find a cure or new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.
There are many types of clinical trials: treatment, diagnostic, prevention, screening, and quality of life.

Healthy Brains Initiative Sponsor

Caesars Foundation is the founding sponsor for the Healthy Brains Initiative. Their financial commitment made the Initiative possible. Caesars Foundation is a private foundation funded by a portion of operating income from resorts owned or operated by Caesars Entertainment.

The Foundation’s objective is to strengthen organizations and programs in the communities where their employees and their families live and work.

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