Our Commitment

Committing to brain health which recognizes there is no health without mental health.

Being a Community Advocate for Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) Plans Managed by the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Public Awareness:

  • Creating Awareness for Brain Health
  • Writing Press Releases to Inform and Activate the Local Community
  • Making Public Comment At Important Meetings of the Mental Health Board, the MHSA Steering Committee, and the Board of Supervisor

Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) Plans:

  • Monitoring and Participating in the Mental Health Service Oversite and Accountability Commission  (MHSOAC)
  • Ensuring MHSA Funds Are Spent Within the Three Year Requirement
  • Monitoring Plan Spending (Actual versus Planned)
  • Monitoring Plan Implementation (Actual versus Planned)

Finding Solutions:

  • Maintaining Relationships with Local, Regional, and National Organizations
  • Looking for Regional Sothern California Solutions and Communications Across A Four County Area (Los Angeles, Orange.  Riverside, San Bernardino)
  • Finding and Implementing Successful Models and Solutions