Youth and Schools

Schools are Critical to Prevention and Intervention

Serious Mental Illness (SMI) affects approximately 4% of the population.   School-age youth are particularly important as 50% of symptoms appear before age 14 and 75% appear by age 24.

Prevention and Intervention programs can be aimed at all students to create emotionally abled students and families.  Most of the available data looks at possible results from early symptoms.


California Department of Education (CDE)  Resources

California provides tools to look at an individual school using the California School Dashboard and the  Dataquest Database  to review all school districts within a county:

2017-18 K-12 Enrollment by Age Group and Grade

2017-18 Enrollment by Grade (within Districts)

2015-16 Matched Foster Students by District and Grade

2016 Special Education Enrollment by Age and Disability

2015-2016 Truancy Report (within Districts)

2016-17 Chronic Absenteeism Rate (within Districts)

2016-17 Suspension Count by Most Serious Offense Category (within District)

2016-17 Expulsion Count by Most Serious Offense Category (within Districts)

2015-16 California Healthy Kids Survey for Elementary and Secondary Students