Welcome, Connected Families Are Influencing Change

We Are Connected To Ensure Family and Loved Ones’ Physical, Mental, and Social Health

Welcome, We Are Glad You Are Here. We Are Families Living the Journey Who Are Committed To Increased Mental Health Access and Service Quality.

We Help Families Navigate and Receive Services. Most Surprising Is How  Little Public and Private Behavioral Health Systems Focus on Family and Loved Ones’ Continuing Health.

Family Friendly Behavioral Health Does Not Hide Behind Barriers; They Work To Remove Obstacles.  Our Goal Is To Connect With Like-Minded People Like You  To Make A Positive Impact In The the Lives Of Our Families And Loved Ones.

Let’s Get Rid of the Everbody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody Culture That Does Not Make Family-Friendly Policies. We Are Going To Have To Do This Ourselves. Come Join Us.

Everyday, We Connect To  Families Who Are Overwhelmed,  Who Are Are Fearful, and Do Not Have The Plan  To Achieve Family Health. Some Changes  Are Simple Easy To Implement, Some Are A Heavy Lift. Please Use A Contact Form or eMail FamilyAdvocacy@BrainHealth247.org

Please view Honorable Supervisor and Honorable Supervisor Do Listen to The Community on Good Friday 2016. You might see yourself among the 100+ Speakers Telling Their Story.

You Can Participate in Community Listening Sessions – Tell Your Story: The Journey, Your Support System, and Your Ideas To Improve The System.

We Will Co-Ordinate The Listening Sessions To Present The Community To Our Elexcteds. Today, We Lack Direct Access and Our Message Is Filtered Through Providers.